Dan Schnau

I Went to a Mental Health Hospital

Shortly after I wrote the "Suicidal Ideation" post, I had a really really bad day.

I had told my therapist that I was thinking about suicide.

I had told my therapist that I had a specific plan.

My therapist asked for my wife's phone number to contact in case of emergency.

That afternoon in February, I locked myself in the bedroom.

It was enough to call it an emergency.

Police entered my home and took me away in handcuffs to a hospital of my choosing.

I spent two nights on suicide watch in a hospital gown in a stripped-bare room.

I was then taken via ambulance to a mental health hospital. I spent another five nights there.

At the mental health hospital, I began taking antidepressants and participating in group therapies.

I made a few friends there.

After I left the mental hospital, I began telling friends and family what happened. Everyone was supportive. My relationships with my friends and family strengthened.

The antidepressants have been effective for me. I consult with a psychiatrist regularly about adjusting the medications.

I still meet with my therapist regularly.

I'm glad I'm here today.