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Yes, let's deploy to production.

A friend (a geniuine friend, who I truly respect, both personally and professionally) shared this video with me the other day.

The video is pretty funny. But it touches on something I'd like to see change.

If I'm a paying customer for some software in development, I'd much rather have some partially working software that I paid for than nothing. So management will push to ship something.

If I'm a manager, I want to show my customer that we're working for them by delivering deliverables on a schedule.

If I'm a software engineer, and I shit on those trying to buy and sell software just because the software isn't perfect, then I'm not doing my job.

Perfection is an illusion. Perfectionism is a mental health issue.

Yes, let's deploy to production. Deploy it and watch where things go wrong. Improve from there. You'll never do agile right, but you can be agile. Without deploying to production, and failing, there won't ever be any real success.