Dan Schnau

This Blog Is Migrated to Blazor Static Server Side Rendering

I'm excited to share that https://danschnau.com is now hosted with Blazor Static Server side rendering. Because this site is not a particularly complicated app, it didn't take too much to make this happen.

Including Razor Components (the stuff of Blazor) services is a one-liner in program.cs.


Hosting the root Blazor App is also a one liner in program.cs. There are a few things I want to keep as MVC, for example, support for atom feeds, so I didn't remove the MVC services, and place MVC routing after the blazor components. With this, the blazor app gets "First dibs" at an incoming http request, and if it doesn't want to handle the request, MVC gets it's chance at it.

app.MapControllerRoute("default", "{controller=Home}/{action=Index}/{id?}");

The result is that browsing pages is pretty screaming fast.

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