Dan Schnau

Use Azure DevOps CLI to Navigate Directly To A Pipeline

Using the Azure Devops Extension to to the Azure CLI, you can navigate directly to pipelines in your browser without having to click through the Azure Devops UI.

Windows PowerShell
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PS C:\Users\danschnau> az pipelines list --name *myproj* --output table
ID    Path     Name               Status    Default Queue
----  -------  -----------------  --------  ---------------
1233  \Build   myproj         enabled   Azure Pipelines
1234  \Deploy  myproj-deploy  enabled   Azure Pipelines

PS C:\Users\schnaud> az pipelines show --id 1233 --open
ID    Path    Name        Status    Default Queue
----  ------  ----------  --------  ---------------
1360  \Build  myproj  enabled   Azure Pipelines
PS C:\Users\danschnau>

The first command searches for any pipelines that contain the string myproj in their name. A list of projects come out with names and ids. The last command will open up the pipeline in your browser, specified by the ID.