I’m Dan, and this is my blog. Thanks for reading!

I’m a software engineer. I work for Shift Digital. You can see more of my professional history on my LinkedIn.

I like to work on systems that make someone’s life better. That means a few different things. It is foremost to make the user of the system’s life better. It is also writing code so other engineers can understand it more easily. It’s also communicating about the system so that engineers, businesspeople, and users all have a better time when they deal with the system.

I live in Metro Detroit with my wife and two sons. I like playing beer league hockey and occasionally I take some time to play video games. But most of my time is with my family.

My objective of this blog is to share knowledge and my thoughts about things. Hopefully more recent posts are better than the older ones.

If you read this or any of my posts, I’d love to hear from you. I talk about programming and other stuff on twitter. You can also email me at dsschnau at gmail dot com.