I’ve started to read a lot more. I just finished The Design of Everyday Things which was really great, and now I’m reading Mindset, at Bill Gates’ suggestion.

It’s helped me open up my mind to all of the things that I haven’t done that I want to do, that I want to learn and get better at doing. Design, programming, using different frameworks. And not just that but also being great at my full-time job.

And all at the same time, I also must make time for my wife, for my children. And get exercise. And keep up on all of the chores, etc.

So making time for things is challenging. But that challenge, the effort to see just how much you can do and be successful at, is exhilarating. I’m pretty good at doing things with Polymer now. Everything I’ve done with it is for an internal application. I want to make web components for public use too!

Having the mindset to do as much as you can with all that you have leads to some interesting things. I want to execute on a lot of different things. I squeeze in as much as I can whenever I can. (I’m drafiting this post right now with some borrowed time from a hopefully shorter commute).

Anyway. I’m just going to set myself a list of short term goals for side projects.

  • Ship the new danschnau.com/dsschnau.github.io theme
  • Make a one-off project with ember
  • Make a one-off project with Angular 2
  • Release a web component on customelements.io

Let’s see if I can get that all done by, say, June 1st? I’m not saying they’re going to amazing. Just that I want to do it and see where it goes.