So a few weeks ago I was installing some updates on my desktop at home running Windows 8.1. I left it to update and went to bed. The next morning I came back to remote into work, and found that it had frozen while shutting down.

Well, it obviously comes with risks but I had to do a hard shut-down. When I started back up, everything was fine except IE wasn’t working. That would be okay except that Visual Studio uses IE for a lot of webview stuff, like logging into Azure and maintaining up-to-date licensing.

After running the diagnostic thing that never works, the most specific error I could find was:

The remote device or resource won't accept the connection Detected The device or resource ( is not set up to accept connections on port 9893.

Which is a weird error to see. What’s going on port 9893? I’m just trying to make IE grab web pages. All of my other browsers work just fine. I fired that message into my favorite search bar and got this related issue on Windows 7 so I figured it may be similar to that. The fix there suggested that there was something wrong in the LAN settings - well I didn’t touch those but maybe that update did.

Sure enough. What is that redirect.pac file? I don’t know, whatever. Make it go away.

fix IE

And problem solved.