I’ve been getting my feet wet in some design work, which means more fun outside of Visual Studio. I’m a big fan of vim, so when working in Visual Studio I use vsvim.

When doing things outside visual studio, I’m using gVim for Windows, with just a few keybinds in my _vimrc. However, the design work I’m doing prompted me to switch between a lot of files instead of the usual two or three, so I knew it was time to install NERDTree, a very popular file-explorer extension for Vim.

After installing from the very useful README.md files, I encountered an issue where if I tried to open a file, Vim would act like it was empty! If I right-clicked the file and opened it in Vim through the context menu, it would work just fine. Weird! After some DuckDuckGo’ing, I found this github issue which explained the predicament.

Turns out the issue is caused from Vim running from the C: drive, while my code is kept on my D: drive. I didn’t dig into the details, but the separate drives caused it. But there is an easy workaround!

:cd D:\

And now I’m enjoying some delicious NERDtree with my SASS development. :D